The purpose of the Twin City String Collective is to create opportunity and advancement of string playing techniques (violin, viola, cello, bass) throughout the Central Illinois region. This class/ensemble is open to ages10-16. The 3 requirements are:

1. Own or rent an instrument.

2. Have at least 2 years experience playing your chosen instrument.

3. Be familiar with the fundamentals of reading music.

Classes will meet two Tuesdays of each month @ 6:00 pm and will last approximately one hour. Semesters (two per year) are 5 months in length each. with a class recital at the end of each semester. The fee is $175 per student, per semester, sheet music is included rehearsals are at Newsong Fellowship Church in Edwardsville, IL.




TCSC is currently auditioning interested applicants for violin, viola, and cello. Please contact Paul Huppert for audition information. The only requirements are access to your chosen instrument (rent or own), and a working knowledge of basic music notation. Private instruction is encouraged, in that typically that is indicative of a more productive and accomplished string player.